"An Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Ounce® Pistol Features

  • Indicator for chambered round

  • Spent cartridges drop out the bottom rather than flung to side

  • Easy to load magazine with no spring to push against, simultaneous access to magazine cartridges

  • “Racking” is done without having to pull against the main spring and uses the handle for leverage

  • Fast tool-free access to barrel and bolt for ease of cleaning and jam clearance

  • Simple to operate, easy to learn design

  • Doesn’t imprint when conceal carried

  • 10+1 semi automatic 22LR pistol approx 8 oz loaded

  • Compact size, light weight, and secure in the closed state leading to superior convenience for conceal carry

  • Cannot be fired in a closed state but may be deployed rapidly and re-closed as quickly

  • Full length handle and long barrel length for better control and accuracy

  • Bolt/slide is enclosed - no “slide bite”

  • Very low barrel axis for rapid fire accuracy

  • Very low recoil 

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Favorite Shot Show Quotes

I came back (the last hour of the show) to say that the Ounce booth is my favorite of the show!

Oh, I didn't expect that when I stopped. Thanks for flagging me down!

The first true innovation I've seen in over five years at the Shot Show ~firearms executive

It's cute. Can I call a gun cute?

I had to bring my friend over to see this.

The mechanism is like a fine Swiss watch!- firearms executive

This even fits my big a** hands!

This solves so many problems.

Perfect for my pocket

I want to buy one for my adult daughter

What kinda witchcraft is this?!

Ounce is perfect for women

It doesn't matter what it costs, I want one.

We want it in our country.

The most innovative product at the show!

When it comes to deep concealment guns, this might be the most capable. GunMagWarehouse

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Ounce® Pistol Specs

Subject to change without notice

10+1 round capacity semi-automatic chambered for 22LR


212 grams empty

236 g fully loaded (ammunition dependent)

95 mm barrel length

121 x 74 x 22mm closed state

145 x 135 x 21mm open state


7 1/2 Oz empty

8 1/3 Oz fully loaded (ammunition dependent)

3 3/4 in barrel length

4  3/4 x 3 x 7/8 in closed state

5  3/4 x 4 3/4 x 7/8 in open state