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The "Ounce" Sign

Ever wonder what the symbol in the window of your Ounce® Pistol is?


Ounce® is unique, how is it classified technically?

Described as a "Collapsible Pistol", Ounce® is technically classified as follows (as of 2020):

  • "firearm" as defined in the GCA

  • ​"handgun" as defined in 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(29)

  • ​"pistol" as defined in 27 CFR §  478.11

 What makes up an Ounce® pistol?

The Ounce®  pistol is precision engineered and manufactured containing multiple mechanical subsystems nested together to work in unison.   These mechanical subsystems are made up of the following parts and materials (subject to change):

  • The barrel is machined from a military spec'ed alloy steel developed specifically to meet the special needs of barrels.   It is further nitrided to add surface hardness and lubricity leading to longer life and improved performance.

  • The frame and case parts are machined from aircraft grade aluminum alloy.

  • In total there are:  

    • 10 CNC machined and anodized aluminum parts

    • 19 CNC machined, heat treated and coated steel parts

    • ​2 CNC machined brass parts

    • 20 springs designed specifically for Ounce®

    • 10 injection molded parts using engineering grade polymers

    • ​various heat treated rods, a roll pin, and 2 torx screws


Bill Osborne, founder

I received my master’s degree in mechanical systems design from Cornell University and have been developing products with international teams for 35 years.  Hundreds of millions of products that include designs I’ve developed with these teams are in use and many tens of patents have been awarded along the way culminating in those for the Ounce®  pistol which are my first independent patents.

The Ounce®  pistol is a result of an effort started after a relative was raped twice in her apartment.  The engineer in me wanted to come up with a product and ultimately a family of products that help make a dent in this horrific crime and help people to defend themselves in general.   Many people are hesitant to carry for a variety of reasons that most of us are familiar with:  concern about the device going off accidentally while concealed, size, weight, fear of others seeing it, etc.   I hope that the Ounce® pistol makes a significant step forward in addressing these concerns and encourages more Americans to carry for self defense.  With the help of a great team and customers I believe this initial product can grow into a product line that will revolutionize conceal carry, enhancing interest in, and increasing the number of people who are armed and ready to defend themselves and others should the need arise.  With more of us prepared to defend ourselves together we can make a bigger dent in crime.