Rules for safety and reliability

  • Use ammo recommended for semi-automatic 22LR pistols
  • Inspect ammunition before installing and don't use if:
    • Dented or bent
    • dirty or wet
    • old, dry cycled multiple times
  • Use at least 29 grain bullet weight
  • Don't use sub-sonic/quiet ammunition, it generally won't have sufficient momentum to cycle the mechanisms
  • At this time we recommend against using Winchester and Browning ammunition.

For Conceal Carry

Premium Ammunition

High velocity and momentum, reliable.

Federal Punch #PD22L1

CCI Stinger #50

For Practice

Economical Choices

Lower price, more available

Federal Automatch #AM22

Federal Champion #510

CCI Standard Velocity #35

CCI  Target Mini-Mag #30

Not Recommended

Avoid these

 not optimized for semi-auto pistol use

CCi Velocitor #47 (for rifle use)

CCi MeatEater #925CC

Remington Thunderbolt

If using Remington Thunderbolt use extra caution to check for lead fouling in the barrel.