1. Prior to each use, inspect the frame and other critical components for cracks, excessive wear, carbon build up or other defects.  Do not use if any defects are found. 

2. Barrel/Bolt:  Periodically unload, remove, and separate the bolt from the barrel.  Inspect the bore for any lead build up.  If needed clean the bore before re-using as lead build up can lead to inaccuracy or even a potentially dangerous situation. Inspect the chamber, cleaning as needed with an appropriately sized cleaning device designed for 22LR.  A dirty chamber can lead to reliability issues.   

3. Clean the lug at the breech end of the barrel and bolt using the included scraper every 500 rounds to ensure proper seating and clearance for the firing pin.  

4. Using the scraper clean walls behind the transporter then manually exercise the transporter up and down pressing against the frame wall until it moves freely.

5. Periodically clean the frame and cover in the barrel slide region as needed, removing residue.  

6.   Replace the white magazine spring if issues chambering the last round are observed.