1. Customer verifies that they are a resident of a US state where it is legal to purchase this handgun (not available in California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, District of Columbia, Connecticut, New York).

2. Customer certifies that they are: at least 21 years of age, are legally allowed to purchase this firearm to the best of their knowledge, expecting to pass the federal background checks as well as any state and local requirements.

3. Customer certifies that they are purchasing this for themself - no "straw" purchases.

4. Customer identifies an FFL in their state of residence to have the firearm shipped to.

5. Customer purchases Ounce from the www.OunceOz.com website.

6. After receiving a signed copy of the identified FFL's license and payment in full Third Bay, LLC ships to the identified FFL in customer's state of residence then sends notification of shipment and tracking number to customer.

7. Customer brings their valid state of residence government issued ID to the FFL where they pay for and need to pass federal/state/local background checks and requirements to take possession (generally within 30 days).  If the background check fails the customer will be subject to a return and restocking fee of 15%.

8. Customer agrees to read manual and become proficient with safely operating Ounce prior to loading the firearm with ammunition.  The latest version of the manual and additional safety guidelines are posted at OunceOz.com.

9. Customer agrees to follow all instructions and safety guidelines posted at OunceOz.com as well as all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.