frequently asked questions

What ammunition should I use?

Please refer to the AMMUNITION page.

Given the spent casings exit the bottom, can I shoot the device upside down or sideways?

Yes, though it is recommended that the handle be emptied of the spent shell between firings to keep it from possibly interfering with the mechanisms

Can the Ounce™ pistol be dry fired?

As a safety precaution dry firing is not recommended, however, it is possible to dry fire Ounce™ pistol. This is a unique feature vs most rim fire guns. Use caution that the chamber, transporter and magazine do not have active rounds in them. Cycle the handle to reset the hammer between dry firings and re-check that the chamber indicator shows empty (red high and not low in indicator, refer to manual) before dry firing. The handle does not need to go all the way closed to reset the hammer. At the point the handle fully occludes the trigger guard, the hammer should be reset. Always point in a safe direction when dry firing - treat as loaded! You’ll notice more resistance closing the handle after dry firing as the motion is acting to reset the hammer. Do not dry fire without the barrel and bolt installed.  The chamber indicator may change state to indicate chambered after dry firing and is reset when cocking the hammer.


Suggestions to get the most out of your Ounce

Make sure the handle is fully open and locked before firing.

If you accidentally drop or jar the device when it is closed, it’s advised that you cycle the chamber to ensure the mechanisms and magazine are ready.

Before closing, make sure the handle is clear of spent shell casings. If you feel resistance on closing, check for a missed spent shell in the handle.

When loading the magazine and the handle at neutral, you may gently slide the white rachet springs to the front (muzzle end) to make aligning cartridges easier.

When loading and chambering, load 1 round into the transporter, chamber the round, then fill the magazine with the handle at neutral. When unloading, first empty the magazine and transporter (again at neutral), then de-chamber the round. Attempting to de-chamber with rounds in the magazine will result in a cartridge still being chambered.

Don’t force it. If something feels stuck or unusual take the time to go through the barrel removal, hammer/transporter reset, and reinstall process, and investigate what is causing the hangup. Normally any unlikely issue that may occur is cleared quickly by following this process.